Client:  The Keg Employment Recruitment
My Role: Art Direction; UI Designer
Link: Keg Employment Site

With The Keg Employment website we were tasked with showing potential employees what the benefits of joining the staff at the Keg would be. The Keg Restaurant and Bar are very proud of the culture they have nurtured within the company. Employees refer to themselves as Keggers and are very proud of being part of the Keg family. Because the Kegger culture was such a driving force behind what makes working at The Keg so special, we decided to focus the storyline of the site around the Keggers interpretation of work hard/play har

Behind the Scenes at the Keg
The genuine camaraderie and energy between Keggers that made the work and play environments to special wasn’t something that we could’ve gotten in a controlled film shoot.

In order to fully understand the culture present at the Keg, we went into the restaurants and filmed Keggers working during a dinner service. We also filmed a couple of company social events in order to see how that similar comradery crossed over outside of the work environment. The resulting footage gave us an honest look into the world of being a Kegger.

We decided to take the footage and create 3 video loop interstitials that would help organize the website content into 3 sections:

The First video loop introduces the user to the website and the concept of being a Kegger. We used a combination of Keggers working hard and playing hard in order for them to get a general sense of what the job is about. The second video, which leads into more work related content, shows hard working Keggers during a dinner service. The third video shows Keggers at play, which leads into content related to the added bonuses of the job.