Task: Rewarding Social Behaviour

One of the key aspects to the game economy in TSL was rewarding of Taymoji. We needed to figure out the simplest way to get players to collect Taymoji. The most obvious way to do that was through likes.


The Swift Life Daily Active Users (DAU) averaged a whopping 94 likes day.

In comparison

  • Instagram DAU averaged 8.4 likes per day,

  • Facebook DAU averaged 4.2 likes per day

We also found that players were creating more Posts Per Day (PPD) on The Swift Life than other social networks at the time, creating 5.2 posts per day

  • FB users averaged 3.1 PPD

  • Twitter users averaged 0.31 PPD

  • Instagram users averaged 0.2 PPD

On the surface these numbers look great, however, because we were incentivising likes, players were creating what amounted to “ Taymoji Farming posts”. These were posts that were created with the sole purpose of giving followers a post to like and to get Taymoji.

Directly incentivizing social connections through the gameplay loop lead players to connect with a larger than average number of people. However, we found out through conversations in the app that the larger number was less about making real connections and more about gaining access to more posts to mine for Taymoji.

  • Average Number of friends in TSL 1249

  • Twitter = 707

  • FB =338

  • Average Time spent in app 47 Mins

    • FB - 35

    • Snapchat = 25

    • IG = 15

    • TW = 5