Revamp the wardrobe experience

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Task: Make it easier for players to browse through the character customization library.

Overview: When Kim Kardashian Hollywood was first created, the number of customization items - (facial features, clothing items, accessories etc) - available for player to use was relatively small. {approximately 700 items} As with most mobile games, a “design for the now” approach was taken, which meant that ensuring the design of the wardrobe would be able to withstand going from 100’s of items to 1000’s items was something to worry about down the road if the game was successful enough to encounter this problem.

With the library constantly growing, it became obvious that the task of browsing through the collection of customizable items, which had expanded to approximately 8500 items, had become cumbersome and frustrating

Solution: After taking an inventory of all the different types of customization items in the game, we realized there were several sub-categories that could be created from the initial group of categories. So we decided that navigating through subcategories of items would be the main change to the way players navigate items.

We stuck with the original layout of the wardrobe as it was the most ideal for both viewing your character and browsing customization items. However, we did do a complete re-skin of the interface. This allowed users to take a fresh approach to the new navigation system.


This new navigation approach opened up the use of the “Home” level of the navigation area to not only direct players to the main customization categories, but also allowed us space to promote featured items, highlight our designer line, and easily add new and interesting customization categories whenever needed.


Outcome: The work we put into the wardrobe would definitely be classified as a quantitative change. Although we didn’t notice a significant uptake in clothing sales, the response from players was overwhelmingly positive.


The redesign also gave us a chance to cleanup the backend which allowed us the opportunity to come up new creative ways to sell clothing in the game.